1. Kigazilkree says:
    Jun 23,  · Physical exercise is a crucial part of staying healthy, but exercising your brain is just as essential to help keep your mind sharp and prevent memory loss. Here are some great brain exercises .
  2. Sadal says:
    NeuronUP has cognitive stimulation exercises to train the cognitive functions most frequently affected in people with Parkinson’s disease: attention, visuospatial skills, information processing speed and, especially, executive function. Cognitive Stimulation Activities for .
  3. Goltiran says:
    Fitness for life, har skabt en nyt tærnings koncept. Deres filosfi er, at det vi gør i dag for vores sundhed, selvfølge er meget bedre end det, vi gjorde for 20 år siden.
  4. Kesar says:
    In a way, the mixed dominance causes the brain to be "disorganized," with information and responses scattered over both sides. Think of it as a filing cabinet -- if it's organized well, in alphabetical order, it's easy to find a file.
  5. Gagul says:
    Aug 13,  · The brain button exercise helps improve the flow of electromagnetic energy. This exercise helps relax the eyes, shoulder, and neck and promotes body balance. How To Do Brain Button Exercise. Place your left palm on your belly. Place the thumb and index finger of your right hand an inch below your collarbone. Move the fingers in a circular motion.

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